When the Mustang Heritage Foundation reached out to me and asked about having me out to photograph the 2021 Oklahoma Extreme Mustang Makeover I was thrilled. As the owner of a mustang I have always been in awe of the spirit, resilience, and skill feral horses posses. I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to photograph the event.

The Extreme Mustang Makeover is put on several times throughout the year in different locations around the US. The premise of the competition; take a wild mustang and turn him into an amazing horse in 100 days. The event encourages people to witness the diverse capabilities of the wild horses and to encourage adoption of mustangs and wild burros from the BLM. Their is an adult and youth division (youth compete with yearlings and two year olds in hand) and the event is comprised of things such as loading in a trailing, standing to be groomed, and ability to be caught, and it all peaks with a freestyle competition at the end (truly the highlight of the makeover).

I had a great time over the 3 days meeting so many amazing trainers and horses. Getting to dive into the mustang community more really lit a fire for me to get more involved. Who knows, maybe one day I'll choose to give the makeover a try.