Model Call

Sometimes I'm hit with inspiration and have a vision that just needs to be fulfilled. When that happens I turn to my list of horse and rider models to help make the magic happen.

For you or your horse to be considered for a future model call there is no requirement in age, breed, color, discipline, location, or modeling experience. The only requirement is that you own/lease the horse and have the ability to transport your horse if necessary.

To apply simply fill out my model application and email photos of you and horse horse to me. You'll need to provide a head shot of both you and your horse, a side view of your horse, a photo of the two of you riding together (or performing tricks or pulling a cart), and any other additional photos you think I should see. These photos don't need to be professional, a cell photo is perfectly sufficient.

All models are required to sign a contract, model release, and liability form and will be compensated for their time with all of their digitals free of charge.