The healing power of horses.

It is amazing how healing an equine relationship can be. They are the release from the world when your shoulders feel heavy. It's their breath in your ear that makes you genuinely smile when troubled by your memories. It's their calm presence that lets the world and all it's troubles fall away. It's their wild spirit that makes your own feel free of worry.

I often wonder when I'm with my own horse if he knows, in that way that way that animals know things, of my social damage, my dark days, why I come to him with a racing heart and troubled mind... If he knows how much burden he lightens for me.

The goal of Project Freedom is simple; to create fine art featuring the horses who help veterans heal from their wounds of service. It is my hope that these unique pieces will not only bring awareness to the mental health of our vets, but also bring awareness to the vets themselves of this unique way that they can find peace in their stormy minds.

Patriot Portraits is inspired by and benefits the horses and veterans of Sunny Creek Ranch.