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You know that feeling you get when you are with your horse? That sense of safety? That sense of... Home? It is a place that only another horse crazy person can understand. And that is why I'm here. To witness and capture that feeling of home between you and turn it into priceless art that you'll forever cherish.

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If I take pictures of your horse... that's OUR horse now. I don't make the rules.

If I take pictures of your horse... that's OUR horse now. I don't make the rules.

From the Mountains to the Plains

Wherever you feel most at peace with your horse, that's where I want to meet you. Whether it's high in the mountains, amongst the grass of the prairies, or beside the endless horizon of the ocean, I'll help you plan your perfect session down to the finest of details. Take a look at some of my favorite connections from the last year.

"Through the days of love and celebration and joy, and through the dark days of mourning – the faithful horse has been with us always."

Elizabeth Cotton
fellow equestrian

Hey y'all, I am Maureen Friedly

It all started with my first DSLR after my daughter was born in 2014. I've always been artistically inclined, so picking up a camera and capturing the daily life of my family felt so natural. Much of that daily life involved our animals and the moments we shared with them.

From that grew a passion for capturing the human/animal connection. Especially when that connection was between horse and rider.

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Cass M.

Maureen was amazing to work with! She had awesome ideas for posing, gave great instructions, and best of all she put out great horse vibes! My 2 geldings were so mellow during the shoot. The lighting she captures is absolutely gorgeous and these are photos I’ll really treasure!

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