Hey y'all! I'm Maureen.

I'm a wife and mom of two who started life in Illinois but now warmly calls Texas home. I'm a multifaceted person who wears a lot of hats; Marine Corps veteran, homesteader, advocate, musician, dancer, and cowgirl (just to name a few). I love American history and could binge listen to true crime podcasts all day. On nights when I get the TV to myself I'm likely watching documentaries or reruns of Bob's Burgers and eating ice cream out of the carton. If you make me dinner, please, anything but spaghetti (bad boot camp memories). And a cool night on the porch with a glass of whiskey and a conversation with a friend is just about the best way I can think to end the day.

TP Creations Photography

How did I get here?

When my daughter was born I wanted something more than just my phone to take pictures of her with, so I bought my first DLSR camera. I've written, danced, played an instrument, sang; I've always tried to find ways to express myself artistically. So picking up a camera was fairly natural for me. I quickly found myself diving head first into photography, but just for my own pleasure.

I entered several local county fairs while living in Connecticut and found that I had a bit of a knack for capturing some beautiful moments with animals. All my friends and family urged me to take it further, to make it a career. I finally took the chance when we moved to Texas and started as a family portrait photographer. But after a year I realized that, while I enjoyed taking photos of families, it wasn't my passion. Again I decided to take a crazy chance and declare myself an exclusive equine and pet photographer. I'm so happy that I did, because hanging out with horses, dogs, cats, cows, etc and their two-legged friends all day is just about the best life I could live.

My Family


My wonderful husband. He's a patient man who doesn't blink when I show up in our driveway pulling a trailer with a new "family member" inside or surprise him with something fuzzy when he walks in the door. He's always been supportive of my dreams and, though he may not be the loudest, he is my biggest cheerleader.


My horse crazy 7 year-old cowgirl. She's an emotional kiddo, but she is caring, smart, and braver than she knows. You'll often find her spending time with her horse, Mando, climbing the felled trees in our pasture, or reading to her stuffed cow, "Cow".


He's 2 years-old and already has just about every female who makes eye contact with him turn to puddy. He loves to share his snacks with our dogs and play in the dirt with his Hot Wheels. He's pretty much just your textbook definition of a little cowboy.

And Our Fur Babies


Our "old man" mini schnauzer. He's the OG in our family and everyone comments about what a great dog he is.


The crazy cocker spaniel. She'll literally run herself ragged over a tennis ball (seriously, she has given herself heat stroke before).


Her name tells you everything you need to know about her. She is a quintessential Great Pyrenees; big, gentle, and caring.


Every little girl dreams of getting a pony for Christmas, and that is how Donut came to join our family. She is a real unicorn with her gentle nature and extreme patience with young children. She is currently teaching Paxton how to ride. Everyone loves Donut and Donut loves birthday cake.


We call TimBit our "BOGO Pony" because we didn't know Donut was pregnant with him until she gave birth in the middle of a BBQ with friends. He has no concept of personal space and loves to steal baseball hats.


My tall, dark, and handsome. Chap came off of 80 acres in SE Texas basically untouched. He's come a long way in his training and is always improving. He has a sweet demeanor toward children and will do just about anything for a carrot.


I outbid a kill buyer at a local horse auction to bring home a skinny, dirty, unhandled yearling hackney pony with dreams of turning him into a beautiful unicorn who would go out into the community and do good. He's still a little shy, but he has come a long way.


Mr. Steady Eddy here is the first to greet you at the gate with his big soft nose and kind eyes. We had to drive all the way to Mississippi to bring Mando home, and he was worth every minute of that 20 hour trip. Right now he and Arlette are teamed up and taking on the barrel racing world.


Scarlet is an old barrel horse who found her way to us in retirement and is now Garrack's mount. This sassy redhead is no fan of the ponies in her herd, but she loves to have her booty scratched and has ears so big you honestly would think she were part mule.

I'd love to hear about you...

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