Upcoming trips

Colorful Colorado


Join me for 3 full days of styled shoots that highlight all the amazing color Colorado has to offer. Sessions will highlight the big skies, rolling hills, and mountains of the Centennial State with beautiful horses and talented riders.

The Mountains are Calling


Is there anything more beautiful than the mountains in Spring? How about horses in the mountains in Spring! Keep an eye out for the announcement of this getaway.


I. What is included in the price of the getaway?

Your ticket covers the AirBnB, car rental, gas, and shoots for your trip. Airfare and food will not be covered.

II. How many other photographers will there be?

Including myself, there will be a total of 6 photographers. I like to keep getaways small so that you can get the most out of each shoot and class during the getaway.

III. Are these getaways beginner friendly?

No matter your experience level this getaway is for you! However, you should have a basic understanding of manual mode on your camera and editing.

IV. How many shoots will there be?

We will have 1 sunrise session and 3 sunset sessions. Depending on the location of the getaway we may also use our free time to exchange headshots or find wild horses to photograph.

V. Can I pay for the getaway in installments?

Yes! There will be an initial deposit of $200 and then you can make payments up to the week before the getaway when the full amount will be due.