My midwest trip in November was supposed to start in Michigan, but the shoots that were planned unfortunately had to be canceled. Finding myself with no plans for my few days in the states I reached out to Cpl Sandra Chavez of the Detroit Mounted Police to see if there was any way to photograph her. Growing up my father was a police officer and I always loved seeing the mounted officers when my family would go into Chicago. So I was beyond thrilled when Cpl Chavez didn't only agree to meet me, but would bring some additional officers!

I met the officers and their mounts in Downtown Detroit where they obliged me as we ran up and back down a city block while I tried to take as many photos as I could without taking up too much of their time. In those short 30 minutes dozens of people, on foot and in vehicles, stopped to greet the officers and snap photos of the horses. It was easy to see that the people of Detroit love these public servants and their horses.

I edited these photos a little more "rough" than my typical style to emphasize the strength and presence of these great protectors and I love how they came out.